31 days=744 hrs=44640 mins=2678400 secs

WE speak:

By popular demand, verging on death threats, we finally started our own blog! No more sitting on the fence as ‘kaypoh’ blog readers, we are now part of this whole ‘matrix’ (CS’ term!). We (more so, E) hope to make this a regular update for those who are missing us dearly and are seriously suffering from ‘CSE’ withdrawal symptoms! We don’t promise 100% recovery but you certainly can expect an alleviation of your ‘ailment’ (another CS’ term)! So here you are: ta-dah! Our very 1st blog entries:

She spoke:

It’s only been a month and yet it felt a long time since we left the only place we’ve called home for the last 30+ years. Good or bad? The optimist in me says: hey, the occasional heartaches you have now won’t be here to stay forever. But I sure miss the relationships left behind. My comfort is that technological advances had made keeping in touch more accessible; thus, the frequent ‘online’ messaging status and reading of personal blogs. I guess that makes me feel somewhat connected to people’s lives still. Yet, nothing can replace the intimacy of the physical: a cuddly hug, a knowing smile, a teasing nudge, a gentle whisper etc. You are missed.

He spoke:

While I’ve started reading other people’s blog since I moved here, this is my 1st shot writing one (Ervina can attest that I’m ultra stress… Sigh). Yes, today marks the 1st month in Australia. Home sick? You bet. Missing loved ones? Needless to say. The S’pore weather? Err… not quite as much (except when I jog as the air here is cold. Even contemplated in getting a treadmill so can jog indoor!).

Planned to go for a photography class at 8pm today but decided not to as its on every Wednesday, so next one perhaps. Thank God for today cos Ernie received her 1st call for a job interview.

p.s: Hope I can keep up with this blogging thingy. Aiyah, I’m sure Ernie will be breathing down my neck (like what she’s doing now)! Hee hee.


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  1. I went to the Docs the other day and he didn’t know what I was suffering from. After perusing your post, I finally understood my condition. Ay it’s the CSE withdrawal symptoms, no doubt. =]
    Hey, prescribe me something yah? maybe an 2 way air ticket for one summer day so I can escape the COLD in the night.
    Love you both.

  2. whahaha. i see my neck in the pic!

    To she: I’ve stopped drinking Starbucks ever since you were gone. This is saddening. Bad for them.. ” When you’re gone, i’ve stop patronizing Starbucks anymore” -song from avril lavigne (hehe..)

    To he: Don’t get a threadmill! You will keep feeling that the floor will crack when you run (i experience it la!!) And do not use “hee hee” in your entries. It is sensitive. hahahahaa

  3. 🙂

    I was hoping your blog could have been more sensational but well, ok for starters.

    I was also wondering why you didn’t have our pics up there….

    Catch up soon…very good effort overall.

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