snippets of our lives

These are some pictures we had taken since we’ve been here. Updates:

  • We have been cooking more often than we do in SG – there’s only so much ‘ang mo’ food you can eat after awhile!
  • We have hosted our first dinner at home to welcome 2 aunties from home, especially since they so lovingly lugged 60kgs of our luggages here for us!
  • Did our 1st tour guide duty by bringing our aunties around; hence, the vineyard tour (E hasn’t reverted to her errant drinking ways for all you concerned folks out there – YET. But she is glad to report that somehow her wine allergy seems to have gone since sipping her 1st glass of wine here!)
  • E had passed her driving theory test and had been behind the wheels a couple of times under CS’ patient instructing. No egos had been hurt so far! We hope to post some pictures of E driving soon.
  • Chester-the-hyper is not our dog. He is aunt’s. There is another dog too, Scotty, which both of us are simply crazy about. Pictures soon. We will only get a dog when we have our own house. In the mean time, we are slated to be their dog-sitters during the Christmas period when aunt’s family is away for a holiday.

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  1. awwwwwwww~
    u guys seem to have so much fun.
    w/o me.
    i am so jealous & miss hanging out with u guys!!!!
    cant wait for next yr, Jun08. =)

  2. wow! nice pictures.. sighs. miss you all! You both look like you’re having a ball of time.. Keep updating! =)

  3. hey Lyd & Esther – we miss hanging out with you guys too, esp when saturday comes. it just not the same anymore…and yes, what keeps us going is the thought of seeing you all next Jun. in the mean time, drop by our blog; we promise to update regularly! love you bits!
    p/s: Lyd, stop using awwwwwww…it’s sensitive! heeheehee!

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