God of the Small Stuff

Romans 8: 28 – “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” (NLT)

I don’t know about you but every time when I read this verse, I’ve always thought of it in the context of adversity or trial – when the going gets tough or rough. Yet, recently while reading this verse again in my quiet time, I started seeing it in a different light. The word “everything” strikes me. What does that mean? It means in all things and in every situation, right? So it is not just in times of adversity or trial that this verse rings true. It also encompasses the everyday affairs of our lives – perhaps even the mundane tasks and the daily routines. Gosh, it is so easy for me to “miss” God when I’m caught up with my daily routines – laundry to do, lunch/dinner to prepare, grocery to buy, errands to run, emails to reply etc. You mean, in doing all these things, God can also cause them to work together for good for me? That was a new thought to me! And it certainly elevates all those small stuff I had to do into a whole new level. Suddenly they became sacrosanct. I began to see those tasks as God’s teaching instruments.

Am currently Philip Yancey’s ‘Rumours of another world’. And one excerpt came to my mind:

If you can live through a moment, you can live through a day, and how you live a day is eventually how you live your life…Joan Chittister, a modern Benedictine has this to say ‘[We must] hold every isolated thing in high regard whatever their use, to treat them gently, to take care of them well whatever their age. It leads us to become part of the holiness of the universe by recognizing each and every element of it as a spark of the Divine…Everything we are, everything that is said to us, everything that happens to us is some kind of call from God. In fact, everything that happens is God’s call to us to either accept what we should not change or to change what we should not accept so that the Presence of God can flourish where we are…Finding God is a matter of living every minute of life to its ultimate.”

What are the “small stuff” facing you today? Perhaps it is time to see them in God’s light – that He can cause [these things] to work together for [your] good. IF you allowed Him to.


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