Simple Blessings – Everyday


1. Dinners cooked by wifey

2. Enjoying a pizza dinner with wifey

3. Watching TV program on a 14″ screen

4. Numerous meal treats by uncle & aunt

5. MSN & Skype – able to keep up with loved ones in S’pore

6. GPS navigational gadget – wifey no longer stressed reading maps

7. Wifey doing her ‘charactered’ dance/move out of the blue

8. ‘Value buys’ of new Multi-Regional DVD player @$90+

9. Getting to play with dogs {aunt’s} without any commitment whatsoever

10. Driving in my ’94 Toyota Camry which cost $3500


1. Quality time to myself – uninterrupted time for reading, scrapbooking, card-making, etc

2. Low humidity – can’t remember the last time I perspired

3. Abundant sunshine – laundry dries super fast

4. Watching Oprah

5. The internet – God knows what I’d do without it?!

6. Visiting secondhand shops – buying little knick knacks at unbelievable prices

7. Aunt’s family is just 5 min’s drive away – thank God for them and how they often go out of their way to make us feel at home

8. Free DVD rental from public libraries

9. Hugs from CS

10. God speaking to me through His Word and in my quiet moments

In light of what we shared above, another excerpt from Philip Yancey’s ‘Rumors of another world’ came to mind:

“I find it relatively easy to ‘hallow’ God in nature and much harder to hallow the ordinary events of my life. How can I see the mundane tasks that comprise my day as forming any sort of meaningful pattern? How can I bring the two worlds together, reading God into the course of my day?

I heard one clue from the Lutheran professor and author Martin Marty who described his professional life this way: “I go to work because I have a job that’s part of a career, which is part of a profession that I do because of my vocation that is the shape of my life.” Marty had grasped the big picture, his calling, which put everything else in place. Somehow the daily tasks required – in his case, grading papers, lectures, committee meetings, writing, and research – fit together as rungs of a ladder leading all the way to a vocation, a word taken from the Latin for “calling.” Marty went on to say that a sense of calling may be the most important step for any who seek fulfillment and meaning.”


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  1. Hey guys! Got the card woot haha. It nice receiving snail mail in this digital age man. Nice blog you got going and its great to read about the happenings down under. Next week’s the study break then the exams then GRAD! cant wait.

    Take care guys and may His favor and blessing be abundant in your lives. take care and cheerios.

  2. Hi to both of you!!!

    nice blog and great that you 2 are adjusting to life there!!

    miss the starbucks moments. 🙂

    take care!

  3. You know, seeing the simple things you’re giving blessings for really warms my heart and reminds me of the smorgasbord of thanksgiving due Him even in times where cruising is not without bumps. Reading these simple appreciations in blue and then subsequently in pink really reminds me of a heart beating in unison, which really, really is admirable.

    My best-est, warmest regards and till our destinies entwine again.

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