Blessed Birthday

CS turned 37 today. We had a picnic dinner by the lake. Not much fanfare but certainly worth remembering as this is his first birthday celebration in Perth. Thanks, aunt, for especially baking the birthday cake.

“Hey, dear, I hope you enjoyed the little celebration I planned. To mark this special day, here are 37 reasons why I love you so…”

  1. You love God, period;
  2. You love my family as your own;
  3. You close one eye to my occasional shopping indulgences;
  4. You laugh at my jokes even though they were lame sometimes;
  5. You tell me ‘I love you’ everyday, without fail;
  6. You made the bed whenever I forgot to;
  7. You know my quirks and accept them;
  8. You hear me out before you speak;
  9. You go shopping with me;
  10. You call me ‘baby’;
  11. You never take me for granted;
  12. You correct me when I did wrong;
  13. You help me see the world through different lens;
  14. Your hugs;
  15. Your mischievous smiles;
  16. Your patience;
  17. Your gentleness;
  18. Your humility – you don’t flaunt your knowledge or wisdom even though they are your strengths;
  19. Your integrity – how you seek to do the right thing even when it is difficult;
  20. Your willingness to tackle ‘challenging’ household chores (eg. cleaning the toilets, kitchen stove etc);
  21. Your frequent random acts of kindness to me;
  22. We are both crazy about food;
  23. We share the same desire to earnestly pursue the things of God even when that means going against the flow;
  24. We never seem to spend enough time together;
  25. We look forward to growing old together – ageing seems less daunting when you are part of it;
  26. We watch out for each other in the ‘weight’ department;
  27. We share common likings in television – CSI, Prison Break, Ed, House, Hero;
  28. We are each other’s greatest cheerleader;
  29. We love cuddles in bed;
  30. We are comfortable with silences between us;
  31. We finish off each other’s sentences;
  32. The way you squeeze my hands – more than words;
  33. The effort you take to make me drinks exactly the way I like them;
  34. The occasional lullaby you sing to me;
  35. The silly acts you do to make me laugh;
  36. The anxious look in your eyes when I hurt myself accidentally; and most of all,
  37. The BELIEF you have in me.

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  1. here’s 37 reasons why I cherish you too Bro CS… in a SUMMED UP version… =]

    1-37. You showed me how our imperfect human love, in striving to be perfect, could be made of boundless worth.

    Love you both.

  2. Happy birthday bro cs!
    no more SURPLIZZES this year?? haha…
    take care! the weather loooks sooooo nice!


  3. eh Bro CS, our birthdays so close ah???

    haha. Well heres to wishing you a happy and blessed birthday. May the good Lord bless you and make you very very happy ( watever tt means… too much studying) hahaha 🙂

  4. Hi Ben
    Happppppy 37th birthday. You are man of substance with good reasons to be in love with from your wife, I believe she has more than 37 reasons to love you. Keep on loving. May God bless you both and shower with sweet favour.

  5. Yes, i agree with your aunt 🙂 im sure you have lots more than just those. Smiles. happy 37th 🙂 we are thinking of the both of you back home.. certainly brings back memories. heh.

    Bro cs, my prayer for you is that you will discover the plan and purpose of the Lord as you embark on your 37th year in a foreign land… the beautiful tapestry that will be pieced together in time to come. God’s plan for you is certainly divine and gonna be amazing. i cant wait to see/hear all that He is going to do in and through your life.

    Cheers, to many more good years ahead! 🙂

    Sis E, like i said during the farewell dinner and i will say it again here, you never fail to amaze me with how you express your love for bro cs. It’s truly a delight to share your joy with you. heh.

    Miss you both much!

  6. Yo Bro CS! Happy Birthday! I loved the post that you wrote, sis e. Cheers to many more good years!

  7. hi ernie,

    thanks for helping me to download the slides show on my blog, they r really nice n i like it very much.

    this is the 1st time i really sit in front the comp n read yr blog. guess out, i see both ben n u in us. am so happy u 2 r the lovling couple too, wish the magic stay on forever more……….

    Thank God n count our blessing, we both got a very lovely hubby.

    as for cs, don’t worry about the treat from us, we r waiting for the big return, no free lunch ok! haha

    gd nite.
    aunty fr 5 mins drive

  8. Oh no! i am a lil late.
    anyway…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY bro cs!!!
    Though you are 37 now, you are always 27 yrs old to me! hahaha.
    Hope to catch up with you in msn sooooon….

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