Christmas-es through the years

As a little Christmas project, I’ve decided to collate all the pictures we’ve taken over the past Christmas-es. The earliest ones were dated Dec 2003 – taken with my 1st digital camera (Panasonic Lumix) which my mom had bought me as a Christmas gift. From then on, we’ve tried to preserve some of those precious memories with it. And of course, inevitably, that camera was ‘upgraded’ to a Canon DSLR in 2006 – a present from CS, after my constant bugging, no less! The only thing that has remained unchanged was the tree which we’ve had since Christmas 2001 – 1 of the few ‘non-negotiables’ items that we shipped over simply for its sentimental value.

I had a trip down memory lane as I downloaded and edited these pictures and it certainly brought smiles to my face as I recalled those times spent with special ones. To those of you (you know who you are!) who have been a ‘constant feature’ in our Christmas parties – thanks for being a part of our cherished moments. You are especially thought of during this season.


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