A Different Christmas

“Return to Bethlehem”: This is a church’s re-enactment to give people a deeper understanding of the social and cultural context of Christmas in the days of Jesus. Interesting experience!


Houses decorated for Christmas: You have to see it to believe how some houses are elaborately decked out in lights. And the newspaper would feature a list of must-see houses for people to visit. We visited 5 houses in 1 night just to soak in the Christmas mood – people milling around the streets, homeowners giving out lollies, appearance of santa at some houses etc.


Christmas Eve Dinner: In this virtual age, snail mail has become a luxury. So thanks to those of you who made the extra effort to send us cards. A special shout-out to Wendy and BB who surprised us with gifts in the mailbox.


On Christmas Day: We set off on a scenic drive along the Indian Ocean, visiting different beaches and finally, stopping to watch the beautiful sunset @City Beach.



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  1. hey hey. yeah i see my card haha. yeah ive come to appreciate snail mail nowsadays man, its great to open the mailbox and receive something personal, other than spam and bills. Great poem and thanks for the encouragement. Take care you guys and happy holidays.

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