random facts

  • The last book I read was:

CS: Hmmm, I can’t seem to remember leh.

E: “Prophecy 20/20: Profiling the Future Through the Lens of Scripture”.

  • My favourite thing about summer is:

CS: I get home from work and it is still bright!

E: The sun doesn’t set until 8.30pm!

  • A new routine of mine is:

CS: Eating/cooking dinner at home almost everyday as compared to the frequent eating out in SG.

E: Reading the weather forecast section in the newspaper.

  • A new discovery I’ve made was:

CS: Drivers in Perth can be more reckless and aggressive than those in SG!

E: Milo with cold fresh milk is yummy! Try it!

  • I am looking forward to…

CS: Our Melbourne trip in Feb.

E: Ditto!

  • One thing on my wishlist now is:

CS: To buy a place where we can finally call ‘home’.

E: A MacBook…(hint, hint, hint)


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  1. Merry Christmas and a blessed new year that will be a precursor to many things good and much more better in the coming and ensuant years. My cliche but heartfelt regards.

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