better late than never!

The postman arrived with some late Christmas goodies this morning.

1) Starbucks coffee beans and related paraphernalia fm Prisky – Hey dear, I too am missing our numerous late-night Starbucks sessions; 2) Luggage tag fm Lydia – Yes dear, we get the message in your gift and will be home soon; 3) USB-supported eye massager from dear old Liz – I can tell how our friendship has ‘evolved’ over the years fm the nature of gifts given to/receive from each other… In addition to all these, I also received 3 Starbucks tumblers when aunt and Estelle returned fm their trip to Hong Kong/Macau. Check out my customized Starbucks tumbler (the tall, slim one with the initial ‘E’) which was 1 of the 2 tumblers aunt bought me and I personalized it with my favourite scrapbook paper!



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