losing ourselves in melbourne

As promised, here are some pictures we took during our trip. (For more photos, click on the ‘flickr’ link on the left hand side of the blog.)

Collage 1: Different sights of Melbourne


Anti-clockwise from top left: 1. Eating fresh oysters @ South Melbourne Market. 2. Melbourne at night from Eureka Skydeck. 3. Flinders Street train station. 4. Aquarium. 5. Graffiti art. 6. Penguin Island. 7. The Block – historical shopping arcade. 8. Federation Square – a must-see. 9. Sign @ Eureka SkyDeck. 10. Topping up water for the steam train. 11. Dilapidated house on route to Philip Island. 12. Rows of fresh seafood on display. 13. South Melbourne Market..

Collage 2: More Melbourne sights


Anti-clockwise from top left: 1. Sunset @ Brighton Beach. 2. Mural Art. 3. Delicious pastry on display. 4. Florist @Queen Victoria Market. 5. Whimsy installation art atop Regent Theater. 6. Playing with shadows. 7.On board steam train ride. 8. Old bathing houses @Brighton Beach. 9. Another whimsy installation art atop a hair salon.

Collage 3: Sunset @ Brighton Beachmosaic15887831.jpg

Collage 4: A ride on an old steam train



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