here we go again…


Ministry update: We have been attending Faith Community Church (FCC) since arriving in Perth last Oct. For the first 2 months, we deliberately chose to ‘sit in the pew’, remained anonymous and simply ‘enjoyed’ Pastor Benny Ho’s sermons. After all, we had been involved in ministry for the longest time back home and it was nice to take a ‘sabbatical’. By Dec, we decided enough was enough and that it was time to join a cell. So we asked around for a young working adult cell (yes, it’s still in our blood) and was promptly introduced to the cell leader. Guess what? His nickname is ‘Ernie’ too!? (His lovely wife shaved her head today to raise funds for the leukemia foundation – see pic above.) This is a relatively young cell that was merged from 2 cells. Most members are in their mid-twenties (yes, we broke the age limit by joining the cell…) and fresh in the working force.

Today there was a gathering for all young working adults of FCC @King’s Park (see pic above). It helped us get to know others that were not from our cell. And Pastor Benny was present to share with us briefly about his vision for the young working adult ministry of FCC, specifically in 3 areas – mentoring, missions, marketplace. We have been ‘invited’ to attend the cell leaders intern training and the young adults retreat next month. A dinner with Pastor Benny has also been scheduled.

Please pray along with us for God’s guidance as we start ‘putting our hands in the plow’ again. Even though this ministry is not alien to us, starting afresh IS a challenge. Remembering names, building relationships, cultivating trust etc . So we certainly covet your prayers.


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