Over the weekend, we attended a Young Working Adult (YWA) retreat organized by our church. And we are thankful for:

  • A visionary Senior Pastor who believes in leadership development through an intentional mentoring process – the next 5-7 years will be an adventure for those YWAs who choose to embark on this journey.
  • Confirming the higher purpose of us being in Perth – it’s not just the pursuit of a ‘better life’ but to continue investing our lives in His Kingdom’s work.


  • Thanksgiving: E is entering her second week of work at a university here. Thanks to all prayer partners out there; you know who you are…
  • To Pris: Your message really touched us and meant a lot to us. Know that we feel the same too. Hugs.

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  1. second time i am posting comment. 1st time got lost. sigh.

    we didn’t celebrate valentine’s without the 2 of u this year. just another day to us. who else can we celebrate it with …when there is no one else we know who pukes sooooo dramatically after just one drink, lies on the bare tarmac of the car park and scares the living daylight/nightlife out of us? we need a special someone who can do all that before we would even think about it.

    chris says she isn’t an msn person (unlike me) but she thinks of you often. wanted me to tell you that.

    shd try my rocket one day. it’s pretty cool. finally fell in love again…..

    out in june on vacation from 27 onwards…need it badly cos we have been working very hard……

  2. hetalksshetalks

    you are so funny, lotus! thanks for letting ‘the whole world’ know abt me n my ‘alcoholic’ ways ah. its no longer that bad now. haven’t been ‘leaving my traces behind’ since drinking here; so keeping my fingers crossed. you reckon all those puking have to do with the company i was with then?! haha! just have to give that to you after you spilled the beans on me! see you guys in June. tell chris i say hi too; kinda miss the cooking…

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