post-trip reflections

After a two-week whirlwind visit back home, we returned to Perth with these thoughts:

CS’ –

  • I realized different countries have different effect on my sleeping habits. In S’pore, average sleeping time: 2am. In Aust, average sleeping time: 9pm.
  • My “greatest regret” in this trip: not eating at hawker center as often as I wanted. Can you believe I didn’t have ‘char kway tiao’ at all? Not that I don’t appreciate friends who brought us to nice restaurants for meals. But what I really crave for are the hawker center’s food! Now, I can’t really say the same for Ervina, as the ‘ambience’ there isn’t anything for her to shout about! Hehe…
  • Had a fantastic time catching up with the YAs. Just seeing how many have grown both in maturity and in the Lord just over 8 months amazes me. I’m both blessed and glad to witness these.
  • Another regret was not being able to spend more time with family (esp mum) due to the number of appts we had with friends.
  • Very proud of you, dear, for completing the 9km walk from Kent Ridge to Henderson Waves! Guess the ‘shoppings’ you’ve been doing help in ways I’d never expected.

E’s –

  • it’s the catching up with family, friends, young adults in church over meals and drinks that made the trip worthwhile;
  • I feel so ‘wanted’ by number of people who asked to meet us; to squeeze in as many appt as we possibly could, we even have after-dinner appt that started from 11pm! Madness!
  • spicy food no longer agrees with my sensitive stomach though I still love it;
  • public transport in Singapore is really fast and efficient. (Boos to the loud mobile TV on buses though)
  • nothing beats sleeping in my own bed;
  • I don’t miss the weather at all;
  • I am still a night owl at heart – how else do you explain that we were able to meet people up to 2am almost daily for 2 weeks?!
  • Starbucks’ Dark Mocha Fruppucino rocks! I was dropping by Starbucks, Malacca daily during the church retreat cos there was one just beside the hotel we were staying!

P/S: There are no pictures accompanying this post ‘cos we decided against bringing our bulky DSLR camera for the trip and our small camera had died months earlier. As of now, E is still ‘bugging’ CS about the need for a pocket-sized camera…


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