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Starbucks to close 61 Australian stores

[From Yahoo news] “International coffee chain Starbucks will close 61 Australian stores within days, shedding 685 jobs as part of a strategy to slash underperforming outlets and boost profits.

Twenty-three stores will remain open in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and surrounding areas after the closures this Sunday, an official statement from the company said.

Starbucks opened its first Australian store in Sydney’s Hyde Park in July 2000. It currently has 85 outlets nationally, including in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, South Australia and Tasmania.”

Faithful readers of this blog will know by now that I (E) am a Starbucks fan. It was never about the coffee though lest you coffee connoisseurs go tsk tsk on me.

You see, I love Starbucks for the memories it evokes in me whenever I stepped into one of their ubiquitous outlets. I think of the guy who got me started on this love affair with Starbucks – Doug Frederick, a fiercely patriotic Canadian whose only weakness for anything American is Starbucks coffee; a great youth pastor whom I had the privilege of sharing many great lunch conversations at Starbucks Liat Towers. I think of Becky, now missionary to Japan, who I had no qualms of asking her out for a drink @Starbucks, no matter how late it was. I think of the ‘usual suspects’ who often asked us to bring them to Starbucks @Changi Airport so that we could hang out all night. And of course, I think of the life-changing moment @Starbucks City Hall where the love of my life re-appeared hours later we departed from there because I had prayed that ‘God, if he’s really the one, let him come back’; and so the courtship began and still continues to this day.

So I am sad at this latest news of Starbucks Australia and suppose my wish of a Starbucks Perth is unlikely to come true in the near future. Undeterred, I shall wait in hope.

P/S: Thanks for the Paris Starbucks mug, Yan.


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  1. Hi sis. ervina and Bro. chin seng was browsing and searching for some materials online and came by your blog, like i finally found it (i’m so slow). Its been long since i last talked to either one of you. So, hope you are well.

    Thought that the life-changing moment @Starbucks City Hall was pretty cool!


  2. hi matt! good to hear from you since we didn’t get to catch up with you before we left. yup, we are settling down well. God is good. hope you are doing well too. take care.

  3. can imagine how you feel, when ur auntie misplaced ur Starbucks mugs. i still can remember her looks when she pull it out from the store shelf, like she had found a bag of gold bar, cause i am with her packing the store asking her what is the pkt wrapping in newspaper is?

  4. Yes, that’s true, Ernie. I was over the moon when I found it, jumping up and down and can’t stop laughting, because I was feeling guilt all this time before I find them.

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