foundations of life

We had our 1st mentoring session with Pastor Benny last week – something which we had been looking forward to ever since he asked us. It’s always a privilege to be able to spend time up close and personal in godly company. And last week’s was no disappointment.

In the mentoring session, Pastor Benny shared about ‘foundations of life’ which consisted of: super-structures, structures and sub-structures. While the first two are always visible; the latter is often invisible. Yet, human nature is such that we tend to gravitate towards what’s seen and neglect what’s not.


1. Devotional life – am I spending enough time with God?

2. Domestic life – what am I really like behind closed doors with my parents, spouse, siblings etc?

3. Developmental life – how am I growing as a person (emotionally, socially) through life experiences?

4. Desires/delights – what motivates/drives me in life?

In a nutshell: sub-structures is really who we are when no one else is looking.

And if we really want to grow in those 4 areas, then we must be serious about putting structures in place. For example, including bible reading time in my devotional life; allocating family time in my domestic life etc.:

In a nutshell: structures must exist for the growth of our sub-structures.

The mentoring session ended with us being challenged to always ‘build deep’ in our life foundations. And that leaves us with the questions: What are we doing to cultivate and grow our sub-structures? What is or isn’t taking place in our structures for that growth to take place? Tough questions and I guess the answers won’t come any easier too if we really searched deep within…


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