it’s all worth it…

We are in the midst of moving house, so we have been spending time packing after work this week. The game plan was that we would shower and start packing. Tonight was no different. So I went ahead and had my shower, followed by CS. And while he was in the shower, I started packing our kitchen wares. After quite some time, CS entered the kitchen smiling at me, still in his work clothes. “Huh, you still haven’t bathed?” – I was secretly annoyed, wondering what he was doing in the bedroom all this while. He walked over, gave me a hug and said “thank you, darling. I was going through the scrapbook you made for my 35th birthday and I really enjoyed it.” And my heart melted there and then…

Therein lies the reason behind my passion for scrapbooking. It is all about capturing memories and having something to look back years later and savouring those moments all over again. And to those of you who had written in that scrapbook, yes, he actually re-read what each of you had written and it brought a smile to his face again.


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