For those who used to visit us, you would know about our Malay neighbours and their 3 beautiful cats – mother (Fifi), son (Koko aka the ‘bouncer’ cos of his massive size) and daughter (Kola aka the ‘manja’ one who enjoys a good scratch or two).

Ever since we lived there, it was a usual sight to see the cats lying outside their house when we were back from work. Sometimes, Koko and Kola would follow us inside once we opened the door and wandered around our house. And once they were done ‘exploring’, they would lie quietly beside the door to be let back out again. They became our pseudo-pets since we never got down to having our own dog except when we found Suzy the stray 3 months before we left for Perth.

Four years ago, Kola disappeared and despite search efforts by the family, she was never found. Days turned into months and soon it became apparent that we would never see her again.

CS was online the night before when our former Malay neighbour shared with him a great piece of news: Kola had been found! We still do not have the full details of where and how she was found but it was good enough to know that Kola is found! We can imagine how everyone back home must be overjoyed! To be reunited after missing for four years…Shariza, thanks for sharing the news with us! And please let your Dad know that we are so happy that Kola’s back and send him our regards. Now we can’t wait to see Kola in our next trip back.


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  1. ooh! i remember the cat!!

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