On 30 September 2007, we left what we had always called home- Singapore, for Perth. The number of people who turned up to bid us farewell at the airport surprised us. From our dear family members to our neighbours to the many young adults whom we have bonded so closely over the years (even some of their parents turned up!) to personal friends and ex-colleagues etc. And so we left Singapore with a big space in our hearts.

One year has passed since then. We weathered good times and not-so-good times but for all those moments we are grateful to God. He had shown Himself faithful, whatever our circumstances. Our faith had grown as a result of this new journey and our relationship as a couple had become stronger.

To celebrate our 1st anniversary in Perth, we are going to do a little giveaway. One lucky reader of our blog will be sent some souvenirs we picked out during our recent road trip. Simply leave a comment on our blog and we will do a random draw after the weekend. Have fun!

P/S: I (E) just realized that a trio of mini artworks I did months ago was a pretty good reflection of what the past year has been for us. What serendipity!


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  1. gimmie gimmie souvenir HAHAHAHA. wow time really flies man and one year has just gone by. guess even for me this one year has had its fair share of joys and challenges and its has been a wonderful time in God. Mom’s alot better now and shes finally home and recovering in a familiar environment. We got her a Filipino nurse who’s been a great help. Just want to pray that God will contine to bless and pour out into your lives and give you clarity of purpose right there. Take care guys 🙂

  2. it’s been one year already? wow. hope you guys are settling great into the new house !

    hello lionel, glad to hear about your mom getting better. will continue to pray for her. take care and god bless

  3. Hi sis E and bro CS! just dropping by to say hi! im in a really boring lecture now and your blog really engaged me more so than the lecturer.

    Bro cs..u look fierce in the banner photo!

    Reading your blog makes me miss you both, and also gives me a sense that things are so different now…

    Have fun and I hope to visit you soon, prob next year!!!!!

    ps: do you speak in the aussie accent?

  4. hetalksshetalks

    hi huifen! we missed you during our last trip back..hope you’ll be around the next time we are back? we still haven’t yet decide on the date though we had fixed our return air tixs to be end Jan but that’s not likely to happen now…

    i am glad that our blog is more engaging than your lecture; just don’t tell your lecturer eh..;)

    and yes, your comment on bro cs on the banner photo noted. it’s quite hard to find a photo of us that fits nicely after cropping into banner size..hmmm..will see what i can come up with…

    no lah, we prob don’t have as strong an aussie accent. you know the saying: you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? hahaha! but we do tone down our Singlish accent when at work; otherwise no one understands us very well!

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