and the winner is…

Our first giveaway attempt was a ‘roaring’ success – thanks to ‘overwhelming’ response from our readers! Hahaha! We knew many had visited our blog over the weekend from the statistics even though only Lionel and Jen left a comment. And so CS did a lucky draw tonight and the winner is Jen! Congrats, Jen! Alas, Lionel, your ardent plea of ‘gimme gimme gimme’ was unfulfilled. Better luck next time?!


Posted on October 8, 2008, in Musings and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. haha wa piang u guys think i so gian peng meh, was just acting depo. Well congrats jen, gentleman to gentleman, but you better watch out HAHAHA, kidding!

    But its been great reading and all, so keep blogging! Take care you guys down under. Good die 🙂

  2. hetalksshetalks

    no worries, mate! we still esteem you highly regardless! thanks for being our faithful reader.

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