week in our life: friday photos + words

The blooming roses outside E’s office (photo background) are such beautiful evidence of spring…

This entire week, a student club on campus had been raising awareness of the ‘anti-poverty week’ through a series of activities. One such activity was a nightly ‘sleepout’ where everyone is encouraged to put themselves in the position of a homeless person by sleeping on campus. The above photo is the scene this morning – final sleepout of the entire week.

I participated in the sleepout last night. Admittedly, my initial intention was to support the students rather than the cause; secondly, I was curious to try sleeping out in the open. However, at the end of my ‘homeless’ experience, I walked away with a precious insight…

It dawned upon me that Jesus (gasp!) was a homeless person too…In fact, he once said of himself ‘foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of man has no place to lay his head’ (Matt 8: 20). Jesus became homeless when he began his ministry in the last three years of his life. Did he ever miss the comfort of his home; the warmth of his bed? Did he ever have to sleep in the open with his disciples when there weren’t any homes available in a town they visited? I am sure he did; thus the above statement he made. I could imagine there must be times when Jesus was weary from his constant travelling and was homesick. Yet, that human longing never stood in the way of him going to the cross for our sins. Yes, Jesus was homeless for my sake and your sake…

Once again, I am floored by my Savior’s love for me.


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  1. hello bro cs / sis e!

    very nice building and roses, i like it alot. a pity that sg doesn’t offer such beautiful scenery anymore… i used to enjoy a long stroll down kallang basin starting from lavender, heh.

    hope everything’s fine there! 4 weeks to exams for me =x

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