week in our life: weekend photos + words

He wrote:

“On Sunday in church, we had a special song presentation by a young girl (think she is about 10-12). She was led up the stage by her mom and only then did I realize she was blind. She started sharing a testimony about a holiday she had with her mom in Jakarta in 2004. They were invited by her mom’s friend (a Buddhist) to her home for a party. Upon reaching the door step, she felt in her spirit that something was not right, but she kept to herself. Turned out, they were the only Christians while the rest of the guests were Buddhists. Amongst them was a Buddhist Guru. She and her mom were ushered upstairs where she played with other kids, while her mom tended to her younger sister.

Shortly after, she was asked to go downstairs. The family friend told her about the Buddhist Guru, and how he had the power to heal her. At that moment, she heard a familiar voice speaking to her: the voice of her Father in Heaven. God had told her to refuse the offer to be prayed for. When she told that to mum’s friend, she was asked, “Don’t you want to see your parents?” Her reply? “Yes, I’ve longed to see my parents, but not through such means. Though I can’t see them through my physical eyes, I can see them through my spiritual eyes!” She then asked if she could pray for the Guru and the rest of the people instead! And her request was granted! And they partied, dancing to Christians songs written and played by her on the keyboard. You see, God has given this little girl songs in her heart that express her faith and the love of God.

I personally am awed by what she had shared! What’s the one thing a girl like her would wish for? To be able to see, of course! But instead of jumping at the opportunity presented to her (whether or not the Guru can heal is immaterial) she decided to obey the Father. Honestly, I told Ervina I’m not sure what I’ll do if I’m in her shoe. Her testimony was to me THE message of the day more than the sermon itself.”

She wrote:

“This is probably one of our favourite weekends to date – one in which we deliberately left it empty so that it is just the two of us. It’s funny how even after nine years of marriage we still feel like we don’t spend enough time with each other.”

Highlights of a school carnival we visited on Sat:

A sunset walk we took around our neighborhood last Fri evening:


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