week in our life: 03.11.08 (Mon) + words

She wrote:

– This week is ‘Study Week’ which means the campus is quieter than usual since it is the week before exams. I’m so glad I’m done with studying! This is what the popular courtyard looked like this afternoon:

– Had Vietnamese vegetarian rice paper rolls from Cafe 55 – one of my favourite take-away food when I didn’t bring my own lunch to work.

– A colleague just commissioned me to make a card for her brother’s engagement. To date, I’ve sold 6 handmade cards to my colleagues. Not too bad for an aspiring life artist, I suppose!

– This is also the week where CS is working from 12 – 8.30pm. That means a change in our usual weekday routine and we won’t be having dinner with each other. What a bummer…The bright side of it? Dinner will be ready by the time I finished work since he’d be cooking during the daytime.

– CS’ latest toy: an exercise bike which we bought during a sale last Saturday. Since then, he’s been riding on it for at least 30 minutes daily; so proud of him! Notice how the exercise bike is positioned strategically in front of the television so it helps take his mind off while he’s pounding away on the mean machine?

– Tomorrow is Melbourne Cup which is a big horse racing day in Australia and offices nationwide would have a time of celebration by eating and betting at lunchtime. A strong Melbourne Cup tradition is that everyone would dress up nicely and top it off with a nice hat. Everyone in CS’ office is turning up for work in their own handmade hat tomorrow. And so we made a samurai warrior hat with old newspaper covered up with my Japanese origami papers. I couldn’t stop laughing when CS wore the finished hat!


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