week in our life: 04.11.08 (Tue) + words

He wrote:

Today is one of those days Australians set aside time to celebrate one of the old traditions: Melbourne Cup. It is a big event for a horse race in Australia. The whole race lasts for about 5mins, but the celebration will continue for the rest of the day! Have friends who end work early on this day (and it’s not an official public holiday)! One of my colleagues organized a pot luck in the office. We even have ‘betting games’ on which horse will win! There were also “sweeps” where people buy one for $2 or $5. For the fun of it, I bought 2x $2 and won 1st place! Prize money of $20! We are also asked to make our own hat. They even have ‘hat judges’ going around to choose the winner of the ‘best hat’ competition (see, these are my colleagues).


Then as you can see from the picture below, I have 2 horses named after me (don’t they look cute)!? The ‘big eyed horse’ is used to represent me in a competition for the number of sales I get for the day. The other pictures actually show the race fixture put up in my office so that people can follow the race.



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  1. bro cs and sis ervina: good job with the hat…it looks so cute! wahaa..and doesnt horserace betting reminds u of turf club here? ahhaa!

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