week in our life: 06.11.08 (Thu) + words

She wrote:

– This week has been rainy and windy; as if winter had returned again. Arrgh…it sure makes getting out of bed difficult. Thank God the weather forecast for the weekend is sunny days ahead!

– We were out of milk and bread this morning so I decided to grab some breakfast on my way to work. After popping by two deli, I went away empty-handed as all they had was sausage rolls, meat pies and fried chicken schnitzel. Arrgh…and all I really wanted there and then was: chee cheong fun, vegetarian beehoon or char siew wanton noodles (dried).

– When I reached office, I decided to head over to Moore and Moore, a funky cafe which serves great coffee, delicious hot chocolate and freshly made food. Bought myself a savoury muffin (zucchini and corn) as breakfast. Mental note to self: must take picture of the cafe’s retro and vintage furniture one of these days…

– Had lunch @Little Creatures as one of our American colleagues is returning to US for the holidays and won’t be back till end of the year. Cost of my lunch – three thin crusted pizza slices and a beer? $20! Arrgh…one of my pet peeves about Perth is that eating out can be ridiculously pricey! And the quality can be a hit-and-miss sometimes.

– What I’m reading now:


– Realized I haven’t posted any self-portrait since this creative project started, so I stopped by Target on my way home. This is what I wore to work today:

frame400333– Some shots I snapped on my bus ride home:



– This is one of the Christmas craft projects I’ve been working on lately: a mini easel calendar. In the background is how our front porch looks like:



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