week in our life: weekend (07 to 09.11.08) + photos

We wrote:

FRIDAY: You know the weekend is off to a good start when E finally passed the final phase of her driving test – a computer simulated ‘Hazard Perception Test’. This means she had obtained a full license and is now able to drive unsupervised. Watch out, drivers!


SATURDAY: This is a ‘domestic duty’ day. We went down to IKEA and bought a new wok and some Christmas stuff. We also had our usual meatballs for lunch. Our conclusion? The meatballs sold here are better than those in Singapore as they were more tender and juicier!

– In the evening, we took turns to experiment with new recipes. CS cooked some fresh mussels in some ready-made chilli mussels sauce. E was inspired to bake some savoury muffins and so made some Italian salami-zucchini muffins. The verdict? The chilli mussels dish was a washout; the sauce was a disappointment. And we ended up getting Italian takeaway for dinner. The savoury muffins turned out well though for a first attempt!


SUNDAY: Today is ‘fun day’ as we went sailing. This is an annual ‘Go Sailing’ event where different yacht clubs in Perth offer free sailing classes to encourage participation in the sport. So we took the opportunity to go sailing and even had our turns in steering and doing various activities on-board three different sailboats!




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  1. ohmigosh…sailing…*dizzy*…*bletch*…remember those times when i was in sailing and asked u guys to pray for my seasickness? hehee..

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