creative frenzy

I’ve been going on a creativity spree lately, making all sorts of handmade stuff. It’s good that Christmas is around the corner so they make nice presents too! Here are some things I’ve made:

frame56798601I made this Christmas tree from a twig picked up on my way home from work one day. It’s now gone to the lovely home of Bel/Ivan as their Christmas table arrangement.

frame2774627Personalized note pads for colleagues at work.

frame3940832Bracelets made of buttons which I bought in jars from the secondhand shop. I’ve already had requests from friends to have one as Christmas gift.

frame9201076A set of handmade ‘L.O.V.E’ candles holders (from IKEA). This is part of the series that consists of ‘J.O.Y’ and ‘H.O.P.E’.

frame846068Finally, this is something I’ve made for myself – a fabric-covered album to document our daily lives in December. It will be filled with photos, handwritten notes, random stuff etc.

frame77762221Inside of the album: a page for everyday in December. I can’t wait for us to start filling the album together!


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