an interview with the birthday celeb…

ben2_polaroid1Interviewer: So what are your thoughts on turning thirty-eight?

CS: I don’t feel like I’m thirty-eight although physically I may!

Interviewer: What presents have you received?

CS: Ervina gave me a voucher to drive 2 laps on a racing track in a V8 super car. I’ll be fitted in a full racing gear/helmet, get some practice laps with an instructor before doing it on my own. Awesome!

Then I got a book voucher from colleagues who also decorated my workstation with banner and balloons when I came to work this morning. I also received a hand-drawn birthday card from my 4 year old niece, Ruth. And receiving a birthday call from Joey in Shanghai tonight; it was great talking to that guy.

Oh yes, and my Malay neighbour caught me online straight after I finished Skype with Joey and found out it was my birthday. She got Yasmin and Yakin to belt out a birthday song over the webcam for me. It was hilarious; the kids were as noisy and loud as usual even when it was close to midnight!

Then Ervina surprised me by giving me a handmade booklet full of birthday wishes written on cards from our young adults back home; I was amazed that she’d plan this way back in June when we returned to Singapore! My wife is amazing!

Interviewer: And how have you been celebrating your birthday?

CS: Well, it started last Saturday when a few of our friends initiated a dinner because one couple had returned from a trip. To my surprise, it turned out to be a birthday treat for me. During cell on Wednesday, we celebrated by having an ice cream cake. Tonight, I had Indian food with Ervina! Yummy fish curry, tandoori chicken, mixed vegetables curry, garlic naan, basmatic rice, sparkling pinot noir, and mango lassi.

Interviewer: Any last words for your readers out there?

CS: Thanks for your birthday wishes, especially my beloved wife who never run out of ideas to surprise me! Thank God for all of you!



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  1. seriously you look younger than 38!

  2. you think so too? how have things been with you? drop us an email to tell us how’s life in america. our email is on front page of blog.

  3. happy birthday bro cs!! piggybacking on what joseph said…still look as young as ever!

  4. happy birthday bro cs!! SURPRISE!! HAHA

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