This is our second Christmas in Perth. Still, it didn’t lessen our missing-folks-back-home sentiments especially during this season. I had a slight meltdown on our way home from cell 2 nights ago. It had been a year since we started attending cell and yet it still remained a struggle for us to feel a sense of belonging. Is it a case of us expecting too much too soon? And so I found myself missing…

YOU who are in Japan right now – it must be freezing at this time of the year. I never passed by a cafe or bookshop without thinking of you;

YOU whom I used to work with – I missed the small chats in each other’s offices; and how easily we could slip into heart-to-heart talks about things that matter to us most;

YOU whom I do all girly stuff with – shopping and eating are not just frivolous things we do; it’s our bonding time;

YOU who I don’t meet often enough – I love how we could always pick up from where we last left each other and just talk, talk, talk;

YOU whom we’d have over at our home for cell on Friday nights – your victories and struggles are ours too; miss our times of fellowship;

YOU who we hang out with, usually on Saturday nights – it’s always good to catch up with you over dinner and know how you are doing;

YOU whom we do special cook-out parties with in our home – we always know we are in for a good time with your company, good food and drinks;

YOU who we do random things with – from roller-blading to food jaunts to photography trip to simply chilling out; the thing I missed most about is the meaningful conversations we’d inevitably end up having in the car whenever we sent you home;

What about YOU ? Is there anyone you’re missing this Christmas time?


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  1. Dear bro CS. sis E,

    i was just on my way home from a YA xmas party and i was thinking of the christmas parties we used to have. i really miss the times so much, the cosyness of the house, with the big christmas tree next to the coach that is so tall that it reaches the ceiling, the warm light of the candle, and the homecooked food…yummy…and not forgetting the fun games that we played, and the deep fellowship we had with each other….

    hope ur christmas is fun and warm over there! 🙂

    what is christmas without you guys?


  2. rach lim: Heyhey sis e/bro cs how are you? was reading through the blog all the way to the entry where I last stopped 🙂 thank God that you are well. Enjoy the trip and give us the full details when you return!

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