weekend: photos + words

On Saturday, we celebrated the 25th wedding anniversary of our aunt and uncle. Since young, they have always been my role models. In their marriage, I saw how it is possible to stay in love with each other despite the years. I saw how a couple could weather storms together and come out stronger. I saw how important it is for a couple to have fun and laugh togther, often. (Dear aunt and uncle, here’s wishing that you guys will have many, many great years to come! Thanks for being my role models and I love you both dearly!)


Pre-dinner cocktail @ Creatures’ Loft, Fremantle


Top row: button necklace – my own creation; Terry ~ my favourite cousin! Middle row: Dinner @ The Left Bank, East Fremantle. Bottom row: the lovely couple and us


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  1. To my favourite niece;
    Thankyou for celebrating my 25th anniversary with me.
    Marriage has a been a great adventure between us and that
    marriage takes a lifetime to learn, as there is always something new and different around the corner.
    It is our honour to be a role model in your lives.

    Thanks again for being around!

    Love your aunt,

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