vintage find!


This is my latest buy – a vintage typewriter. What I really like about it is the bright orange colour which gives it a retro feel. I also like the tag on it that reads “Traveller de Luxe”. It brings me back to bygone days where people would lug this little machine in their travel ‘cos it was one common mode of communication. The typewriter is made in the former Soviet state of Yugoslavia, so I also like the fact that it is a reflection of a past geo-political entity. Most of all, I like the sound of each key clicking away as I type on each letter and see how each letter slowly forms a word, and from each word forms a sentence…

I am thinking of typing my next letter using this typewriter so it’s definitely going to be fun! And the other thing I’d like to do is to use it at a party where friends could type their own place card or name tags when they arrive. So you see, this little thing may be a tad pricey but hey, how often do you come across something functional yet whimsical at the same time?! Smiles…


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