Bunny Friday

A student who was working in the maritime museum (running kids’ summer program) near campus dropped by to pass me this; because I had jokingly asked him to make me a bunny days earlier when he showed me what he had made. I’d never expected him to do that. What a sweet guy. (Just don’t ask me why the bunny was in brown instead of pink!)



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  1. Xin Nian Kuai Le! Both of you are greatly missed as we sit around the table eating steamboat. Reminisced the times eating sukiyaki steamboat at your place, as well as ice cream with baileys. Of course, the warm orange lights in your hall, and playing taboo…

  2. hetalksshetalks

    hey esther, now you really got us into the nostalgic mood…hmm, we can even faintly recall the smell of sukiyaki steamboat now…haven’t had it since we came here. and yes, i miss playing taboo with you all too, and winning it (of course!)…

  3. hi sis ervina! happy new year!! i may be going to australia in july for hillsongs…can i come over to visit u guys then??

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