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Giant from work tagged me over at Facebook when she posted a note – “25 random things about me’. So here’s what I wrote:

1. I met my first love when I was 19, became good friends with him when I was 21 and finally fell in love with him when I was 23 and married him when I was 24. Life has never been more blissful than now!

2. I’m turning 34 in 2 months’ time and yet hardly feel like one in her thirties (btw, how is that supposed to feel like anyway?!)…

3. I’m a tea person and green tea is my staple drink. And i drink my tea mostly black with a little sugar.

4. I love travelling, visiting new places and experiencing new things. My dream holiday would be Christmas in New York – visiting all the museums, hanging out at central park, eating a hot dog from the streetside stand, people-watching, attending musicals, vintage shopping…

5. I am a reformed shopaholic, or rather, a ‘rehabilitating’ one. My weaknesses are: books, stationery, clothes, bags, shoes, accessories.

6. I am a Christian and my faith is very important to me. I cannot imagine living a life without God being actively involved in it.

7. I am hugely ambivalent about motherhood despite ‘concerned’ others telling me that my biological clock is ticking away. Do I need kids in my life? Do I, really?

8. I am a middle child with 2 brothers. So yes, I do exhibit some of the classic middle child symptoms as evident from the different life choices I’ve made in my life so far.

9. I wish I can sing or dance well. But hey, who’s perfect anyway!

10. I’m a Starbucks fan, not because of the coffee but for the many wonderful conversations and memories I’ve had with friends over a cuppa at Starbucks. In fact, I once wrote to Starbucks Australia imploring them to consider opening an outlet here in Perth when we were moving here for good.

11. I’m a closet junk food eater ~ chips, chocolates, pastries, cakes, all fried food etc…If not for my ‘better half’ who is a health nut, I’d probably end up overweight with high cholesterol level!

12. I’m an avid reader and have a quiet disdain for those who don’t read at all. And according to my ‘better half’, my eye balls move at an amazing speed when I’m reading!

13. I cannot stand rude and obnoxious people. I steer clear of them when I ‘sniff’ anyone coming my way. Life is tough enough as it is and I don’t need them to make it any worse!

14. I can literally spend the whole day lounging around, doing nothing and totally enjoy it! Just give me a couple of books, good music and my junk food!

15. I like people who have a sense of humor and doesn’t take life too seriously.

16. I’ve had an unsavoury history of puking/passing out or both when I drink too much even though I’ve never been drunk.

17. I dream of being a writer sometimes, and a famous one. And I’d be doing book signings or holding intimate author-reader chats in a little cafe. Hmmm, I just need to work on having a more ‘professional’ signature than my present one!

18. I’d like to take a totally chill-out-do-nothing holiday by the beach one day. And I’d spend my days by the pool in a deck chair, enjoying the cool breeze with a book in one hand and a cocktail/beer in the other…

19. I had a really good relationship with my Dad until my early 20s and we sort of drifted away before he finally passed away when I was 25. Sometimes, I wished he was there to walk me down the aisle when I got married.

20. I had always wanted to be a clown. And I did become one at a church community function in my twenties! I was dressed up in a clown costume and had full clown make-up on. It was fun!

21. I like spontaneity and creativity. Nothing excites me more than doing something on a whim or trying something new!

22. I am often amazed at how CS and I could read each other’s thoughts or how we could be having the exact same thoughts simultaneously!

23. My favourite staple food items: eggs, potato, bread, rice.

24. I cry easily at movies. And I can almost cry on cue at specific scenes when watching re-runs of some of my favourite movies.

25. I am a softie at heart. Even though I talk tough, cynical and objective most of the times, the truth of the matter is, I am an idealist more than a realist.


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