weekend updates

We had a rather hectic weekend. On Saturday, we went to our new home for some pre-move in inspection works. Then in the evening, we joined some friends for an outdoor movie screening at University of Western Australia, which in my opinion, is the most beautiful university in Perth. Today, we went to Ivana’s birthday bbq and had a great time as usual with all the good food and wine. And she had three dogs which I had a fun time playing ball with. So here’s our weekend in pictures:


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  1. hey there! the house looks fantabulous! =) the swirls in the slideshow nearly gave me a headache though. heh. but thanks for sharing it anyway.

    we (part of my cell: esther, yun, hann) were having supper at the prata place at teban 2 days ago and we all agreed that we miss the both of you… so come back sooooon! =)


    im truly glad that you have found a place; a prayer answered. =)

  2. cherbassically

    place looks great!!!!

    there’s such potential!!!

    imagining covering the walls with arts/crafts instead of paint!!!

    hope you 2 have been swell!!

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