house update

We started moving some of our things last weekend so that we won’t be overwhelmed with the amount of stuff to move. This is what we’d done so far:

  • Assembled the leather bed frame (minus the mattress which we are still sleeping on),
  • Put up the curtains in our bedroom (except the side panel which is now covered in newspaper),
  • Installed locks on our sliding doors leading to the backyard and
  • Collected our coffee/side tables.

And since every night this week, we’ve been dropping off things at the new house and doing bits and pieces around the house. It’s been tiring but of a happy kind. We just kept motivating each other that next week this time we would be living in our new home. Had wanted to take some shots of the house last night but forgot my camera, so no pictures for this post.

And tomorrow, I’ll be taking a day-off since we are expecting delivery of:

  • the leather sofa set,
  • the dining table and chairs,
  • some electrical appliances – dishwasher, dryer, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven
  • two garbage bins from the local council and
  • the site manager whom we bought the house from will be coming down to do some touch-ups.
  • When we are finally moving in? Sat, 14 March 2009.

P/s: It was good talking to you last night, Lyd. Thanks for all the updates. It really made us realized how long we’ve been away and how good it was to hear a familiar voice again.


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