we’re going to miss

1) Grace Retreat – a church event which we attend without fail every year. No matter how many retreats we’ve attended, it always moves me when I see people from different background and social status worshipping God together – a glimpse of heaven surely…


2) this cute little face who definitely has huge lungs for crying out loud (pun intended!):


3) catching up with you:


4) your growing up years – this is Esna whom we’ve known when she’s a tiny 4-year-old tot and here she is, towering over me at mere age of fourteen! And I didn’t even recognize her until she started calling me ‘Sis Ervina, Sis Ervina!’ when she saw me!


5) dear ones who don’t mind taking random shots with us:


6) playing an active part in your lives; still we enjoyed those meaningful times of sharing with different ones during the retreat (Thanks, Esther for your note; I’ll cherish what you’ve written in it.)


7) seeing David leading worship in church service; this has to be the most encouraging sight for us in this retreat – seeing how God has transformed this shy young man who used to say almost nothing in our cell 5 years ago to a confident worship leader he is today:



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