weekend: photos + words

On SATURDAY, we went to a local cafe for brekkie before meeting Mish. And we were treated to a performance by a guitarist and a cellist. What we had: toasted turkish bread with bacon and salad and toasted turkish bread with 3 spreads – honey, jam and butter.

weekend 004weekend 003weekend 001weekend 002

Then we went to Mish’s to send her to airport. While waiting for her, we took a self-portrait outside…

weekend 006

Where is Mish going? She’s leaving for Timor to volunteer for 2 weeks. Amazing girl; I love her gung-ho spirit.

weekend 005weekend 007

After sending Mish off, we went to do grocery for a dinner we were hosting…Check out the aforementioned sunroof!

weekend 008

And for the first time since we arrived in Perth, we finally hosted a steamboat dinner in our home!

weekend 009

Then, on SUNDAY , we visited another new church near our neighbourhood. I must say this had to be most positive experience of church we’ve had since coming to Perth. Looking forward to returning there again next week. Do keep us in your prayers in our search for a spiritual home and community to settle down in.

Then we did a little furniture hunting in late afternoon. Stuff we still need to buy: queen size bed for guest room, sofa bed for study cum craft room, outdoor furniture and a barbeque set.

weekend 011

Next, we headed over to aunt’s for, guess what, another steamboat dinner because it’s her birthday [Blessed birthday, aunt! I was really happy to see you and uncle enjoying the photo scrapbook I put together for you; and I hope you like the handmade earrings too…] and of course, winter is also the best time for steamboat.

weekend 012

And lastly, one of the best things about visiting aunt’s is that I get to have some ‘smooching’ time with Scotty!weekend 013


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  1. Is good you guys enjoyed the steamboat dinner.
    Yes, thanks for the ear ring and the long time ………………….(4 years may be)scrapbook you made.

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