is a soon-to-be-released album by R-AGE ministry – the youth ministry which has been such an integral part of our lives before our move here to Australia. To celebrate the inaugural album launch, there is going to be a concert in church tomorrow. And all 800+ concert tickets are sold out!

Below is extracted from “No One Else” Facebook Group:

“No One Else” is more than an album; it’s a vision.

“It’s a vision to see the lost, the hurt and the blind, come to the knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ. No One Else is about the battles fought, the lives transformed, and the chained, set free.

This August 1st, R-AGE Ministries will be releasing an album titled No One Else. In it are stories – stories that are told through songs written by our very own R-AGErs. Stories of God’s grace, mercy, strength, and undying love, stories that can reach out and touch people’s hearts like no spoken words can.

This August, pick up a copy of No One Else, and let your friends hear His Story – the story of the cross and our redemption.

Pricing for No One Else is as follows:
Album Only: S$18 per album

All proceeds from the sale of albums go to GRACE MISSIONS.

You can purchase your albums from the Grace Bookstore at both Grace I and Grace II from 1st August onwards.

What an incredible bunch of talented individuals committed to using their gifts for HIS glory. We’re so proud of all of YOU and can’t wait to receive the album in our letterbox soon!


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