moments worth relishing…

It’s been great spending quality time with grandma or ‘Ah Ma’ lately. She’s 79 years old officially (my aunts told me she’s probably 2 years younger). Apparently, it was an usual practice in the past for people to ‘over-report’ their age. With each passing year, I am thankful that she’s still around and still in the pink of health. And I’m thankful that she’s come to know the Lord in her old age though she no longer goes to church due to her mobility.

‘Ah Ma’ has been a key figure in my growing up years. She was my main caregiver since both my parents were working. Some of my fondest memories were: her plaiting my long hair to get me ready for school, cooking me noodles for breakfast and bringing me out for shopping (one of our usual haunts was the OG departmental store in Chinatown).

Come August 19, I will miss ‘Ah Ma’ dearly when she heads home.IMG_2891



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  1. Nice shot, Ah Ma looks so cool.

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