weekend: pictures + words

On Saturday, we finally visited a dog pound as a first step to us adopting a dog. We were interested in two dogs (see 3rd and 4th pic below), Riza the German shepherd and Barry the American Staffy.

After talking with the staff, we found out that Riza wouldn’t be a good fit based on his personality (yes, all dogs undergo a personality assessment before they are adopted) and our lifestyle requirement. Barry was new to the pound and so he hasn’t undergone any health and personality assessment yet. We have to go back next week to find out more about him if we want.

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This morning, we had a special speaker in church, an artist-pastor who painted and preached at the same time. The gist of his message was: knowing what is my talent and whatever God has gifted me with, how am I using it to serve Him?

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Then, we caught up with Ivan and Bel over lunch here. Dining out can be a hit-and-miss sometimes but I’m glad this time we all enjoyed our lunch. My roasted pumpkin and spinach gnocchi with shaved parmesan was yummy!

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  1. I love the clouds! Definitely an inspiration for me to combine art/design with ministry work. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i love those dogs.. HUGE

    haha hope the both of you are doing well!


  3. hetalksshetalks

    Jen – yes, we love those dogs too..its going to tough when it comes to D(ecision)-time!

    Matt – yes, its definitely possible to combine art with ministry; time to impact the creative arts marketplace for Jesus!

  4. staffy staffy staffy… heh


  5. woah..an artist-pastor..that’ so cool…we can worship God through art too..:)

    we did something like that too during one of the camy meetings..:) it’s therapeutic.

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