I am craving for chilli crabs, particularly the ones from here.

I am glad I finally finished de-cluttering my list of ‘friends’ on Facebook . If I’ve not ‘accepted’ you as a ‘friend’; it’s nothing personal. I am just trying to be as sincere and realistic about how many friends I can keep in touch with. For now, 93 friends seems manageable. Until the next de-cluttering.

I am thinking about Ah Ma and what she is doing in her home right now.

I am thinking about the difference an individual CAN make after watching documentaries about him and her. Never let anyone tell you it won’t matter because you’re just one person. To the one person you’ve touched, it’s never the same.

I am re-reading this and trying to get inspiration for what I’d like to achieve at work. Yes, it can be done.

I am looking forward to Spring and all the wildflowers that she brings.


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  1. Can u include me? One more to your 93? Cheers

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