a day in the hills…

It’s amazing how the scenery can change with just an hour’s drive from Perth. There were rolling hills, vineyards and farm pastures everywhere…frame3fe12eebb506398e1c7007afba5b7757284d1301It was the Festival of Chittering which is a celebration of the region’s fresh food and wineries. frame7e23b2286474d534402a04da6a9675c938f9f176

And it was also Bel’s birthday so we surprised her by celebrating it with a picnic lunch.frame3a2639f7fc8afd360e36ab1eec6b9c19985f3fc9

Blessed birthday, Bel!frame47df4acf5e4747a6ad3742d20977295eeee4ad83

We had our picnic lunch at this gorgeous vineyard. Besides our own picnic spread, we also ordered some Greek food. It was a beautiful sunny day after enduring a week of rain and cold in Perth.frame436d2bd262ae2618053ba9b8a5affbe25694d1c5And this caught my eye – a little cottage on the hillside. Lately, I’ve been thinking about living in a little worn down house in the hills…simpler life, slower pace…am I getting old?framebac12ab1e78b2d3aaa01be2bd2ed3432ce28a0c3

Before we knew it, it was time to go home…Why is it that good times always seem to fly past so quickly?frame587f961005fde7de257ac2949472cb32755febe8

But not before grabbing some fresh oranges on sale at a makeshift stand outside a fruit farm!frame3a8efded406aee84887c97823006379a27100030


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