weekend plans

All thanks to the Queen of England, we will be having a long weekend. And this is what it looks like:


  • It’s a toss-up between going IKEA to check out their 2010 collection (mental note to self: get candles and napkins) or this: Driving to here for some nature time. According to my colleague, kangaroos are aplenty after 5pm!
  • Or maybe we should do both?? Either way, it’s going to be spent with my favourite 16/17 (?) year old cousin Terry. I love this young man and look forward to spending some quality time with him. The best part? He doesn’t mind hanging out with ‘old foggies’ like us!
  • Night: ??


  • Morning: Attend church.
  • Afternoon: Go on 2-hour boat cruise to do whale-watching with Terry (his belated birthday present). Hope we can see them in action!
  • Night: Have couple-friend over for drinks.


  • Late morning: Brunch with friends.
  • Afternoon: tentative – zoo outing with Mish and a Swiss girl she’s met on the bus…
  • Evening: Babysitting for another couple-friend who are celebrating their anniversary.

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