sunday: photo + words

frame60620f0b2f5b35749cccc11629fad42a7b01a655Last Sunday was memorable in many ways.

  1. Mish finally came to church with us despite her misgivings (“what happened if they don’t like me, midget?” or “I didn’t really have good experience the last time I went church.”) My response: Mish, I’ll hold your hand if I have to.
  2. Mish had a great time in church. We also introduced her to 2 fellow Americans – Julie and Erik (see pic above)
  3. In the evening, we went to Mish’s cosy nook for dinner and had a great time bonding over the delicious food and good conversations.
  4. It felt good to see someone whom I’ve been praying for finally come to church with me. My faith has played an important part in who I am today; and I hope that Mish will find that for herself one day too.
  5. It also affirmed us that our decision to move out from a predominantly Asian church to a more international church was a right one; it is definitely easier for our Anglo-Saxon friends/neighbours/colleagues to fit in when we invite them to church.

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