weekend: photos + words

What we got up to over the weekend:


– Hosted a steamboat dinner on Friday night for 4 Americans – Mish, Nicole, Julie and Erik who enjoyed themselves thoroughly because it was their first time;


– Discovered that Americans don’t usually eat prawns with shells and heads intact; that’s why the funny expression on Mish’s face as she just couldn’t bring herself to break the prawn’s head because “the eyes are staring back at me!”

– Read more about it on Mish’s blog;


– Started out making two birthday cards but ended up also making Christmas cards on Saturday afternoon;

– Installed lights on the roof of our patio, kudos to hunk who singlehandedly installed them himself;

– Watched the movie ‘State of Play’ to wind down our night;


– Had our Sunday breakfast at this cafe which is an institution in Freo and was almost closed down this year by the local council if not for the petition signed by its many loyal cafe patrons. It’s staying put for now;

– Brought Erik and Julie out for lunch after church. Both of them had roast duck and roast pork for the very first time;

– Shared with Erik over lunch what food to eat in Singapore since he is travelling to Asia next month (and I’m still craving for my chilli crabs…);

– Tweaked the patio lights as hunk wasn’t quite happy with the “safety aspect of having 2 wires so close together in such a compact trunking” ?! (his own words) as I was totally clueless as to what it meant – “but the lights worked what, don’t they?”)


– Had Julie over because she’s putting together an album for her host family when she leaves Perth in mid-November; it’s going to be an album with all the recipes she’s cooked for the family in the last 8 months;

– Taught her how to use the various scrapbook tools I’ve got and we brainstormed on the album layout;


– TA-Dah! The completed first page of her recipe album!


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