God is good!

Yesterday was D-Day for the boss and me at work. Without going into the details except to say that it was a D-Day in which we had no control whatsoever on the outcome – A or B. Yet, we would be directly affected by it. And we both wanted outcome A and even fretted over what if outcome B happened.

So last week, I decided enough was enough and had this conversation with God in the car that went (somewhat) like this- “ok, God, I’m just going to ask that your Sovereign Will be established in this matter. And I will submit myself under you through that outcome. Because I know that things happens in my life for a reason; and this could be a moulding process for me…” After that, I decided not to fret over the unknown outcome of which I had no control.

And I even managed to share that with the boss when he was ‘whining’ to me about it on that very morning I had that ‘car conversation with God’ – “you know, D, I just prayed about it this morning and I told God that whatever happens eventually, He must have his reason, and I’m going to accept that.” Looking back, I don’t know what gave me the courage to say that but I remember feeling really convicted about it as I spoke. And I really had that peace inside me to accept the final outcome.

Back to D-Day which was yesterday, the outcome arrived. And it was A! We were both happy and excited because we really believed it is going to be a great new beginning for us. And apparently, our big boss was happy too and invited us over to have a glass of bubbly to celebrate.

And I thought things couldn’t have been better…but wait, there’s more! Earlier on, we had booked our flight to Cairns in December and I had to forgo the trip because it clashed with 2 major events I was organizing. But now that outcome A had happened, it meant the 2 events had to be rescheduled! Can you beat that?

This morning, while driving to work, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me that the Cairns trip was a reward from God; because I had chosen to submit myself under God’s sovereignty in this instance, he restored to me what I thought I had lost! Isn’t He amazing! So we are off to Cairns for a week’s holiday in December!

I hope this encourages you to actively put your trust in God, no matter what situation you are in today.


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  1. thank you for reminding me of what I need to do.

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