weekend: photos + words

Last weekend was our second ‘tour of duty’ with the Chew family in town for a visit before they drove down south for their family roadtrip.

IMG_9875At the Mundaring Weir

IMG_5363Posing with a WWI canon in the historical town of Guildford


Guildford Post Office

IMG_3541Panoramic city view from Kings Park

IMG_5475_copyChurch on Sunday

And with a two year old boy, there’s of course lots of goofing around like…

IMG_3510enjoying the Sunday afternoon at Kings Park…

IMG_5549chasing the ducklings…

IMG_5523 taking lots of pictures…

IMG_5364exploring every bit of Guildford park…

IMG_9838having a “sliding” time in the playground…

IMG_5380going gaga over a giant poodle…

IMG_5485having a go at ringing the church bells

IMG_5458enjoying Coke for the very first time

IMG_9911and this expression probably sums it all up – WOAH!


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  1. those places look familiar!!! hai… =(

    I should visit again before my visa expires right.. haha if I buy a tic now for sometime next yr it’s like below 300..

  2. really, there’s another promotion? which airline is it? yea, you should come back again since you didn’t even manage to tour margaret river/augusta the region up north too…

  3. nah it wasn’t a promotion just that on jetstar and other budget airlines, booking so early in advance meant the tix were pretty cheap..

    yeah eh.. margaret and stuff… hmmm winter winter.. hmmm

  4. realised i haven’t visited your blog in ages! or any blog for that matter… anyway…

    wah, the pictures look so tempting! especially since coming back to work has been so “SUPER ULTRA BUSY” (emphasis specially for bro CS. haha.).

    declan looks like he is having lotsa fun. 🙂 ah well, camping does sound really attractive… oh boy. haha. well see how it goes eh? grins.

  5. seeing Declan makes me smile. i can see u guys had a GREAT time! 🙂

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