weekend: photos + words

On Friday, CS turned thirty-nine. We had intended to celebrate it by having grilled seafood dinner at Kailis but I was nursing a headache by the end of the day so dinner plan was shelved. Still, he got his present.

First, a handmade card by the loving wife

Then, he received a one-year’s subscription to a car magazine.

On Saturday, we drove to Elmar’s in the Valley with some friends for dinner and ‘Shakespeare’s Under the Star’ – a performance of ‘Othello’ by a new theatre company.

Next, the birthday boy received another present which came with balloons!

And then, it was showtime. It was our first watching a play performed under the stars. And I must say despite the simple props and costume, the cast was brilliant. It was also cool to be watching a play so up close and personal.

Today (Sunday) was ‘domestic duty’ day. Except for lunch with aunt and uncle, we were busying about at home and didn’t finish till late evening. My remark to CS was : we never had so much to do at home when we were living in Singapore! Today, we assembled our outdoor barbeque set (now we can’t wait to have our 1st bbq in the backyard!) and a seven-drawer tool trolley. Then it was the usual laundry and mowing.

I should have taken photos of those activities even though they were the ‘mundane’ and ‘unexciting’ stuff for doesn’t life consist mostly of such moments? Mental note to self: to capture more everyday life photos from now on.


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