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Yesterday, we had Karine and Ivana over for dinner. So during lunch break, I went to do my dinner shopping at this Asian shop which I go to regularly. I reckon all Asian shops have the same philosophy when it comes to displaying their goods – practicality rules over aesthetics!

What’s for dinner: tom yum soup, prawn omelette and stir-fry choy sum with garlic. And we used our outdoor dining set for the very first time!

After dinner, Ivana had a go at my sewing machine, taught me a few tricks and made me a ‘bread bag’ from my rags. Apparently, this is a common  item in an European kitchen that they use to keep the bread. Of course, the practical Asian in me couldn’t help but exclaim out loud: But why do you need a bread bag since they already come in a bag?! Tsk, tsk, reminder to self: sometimes we need to create beauty even out of the most mundane stuff…


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