homemade Christmas

Every Christmas, I try to make some of my gifts and cards instead of buying everything from the mall. It’s my way of reminding myself not to get too caught up with, unfortunately, the materialistic aspect of this festive season. I realized I’ve wrapped up some of my presents before I could photograph them but here are the rest I’ve made so far…

A hand-cut poster in a gorgeous timber frame scoured from opshop – for Zoe and Nico

I love it whenever CS gets roped into my crafting adventure as well! Here he’s using our latest tool purchase – a heavy duty staple gun!

A cork board backed with flannel cloth and animals cut out from felt cloth which…

I can imagine this little guy having a good time with it!

And finally, I’ve made something from my sewing exploits – stuffed alphabet letters for little Edward and Kezia..

I am also making a couple of these button necklaces as gifts; I really like my latest haul of  “vintagey buttons”  I bought at the opshop weeks ago!

Challenge: This Christmas, how about making 1 or 2 handmade gifts instead of buying all your presents from the shops?


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  1. Those are amazing. What a fabulous gift.

  2. thanks Mish! wait till you see my homemade table centrepieces I’ve made! looking forward to our ikea trip on christmas eve!

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