hi, my name is Noddy

and I was born last Saturday 19 December. I was handcrafted by a man who loves his wife very much and wanted to surprise her for Christmas. You see, the man’s wife had recently picked up sewing and bought some sewing patterns for stuffed animals. But she never got down to doing it ‘cos as you know, it’s the festive season so she was busying about with all the festivities.

Seeing how the wife is always making stuff for people, the man decided to make something for her himself. He took out her sewing patterns for stuffed animals and decided to make me, a giraffe. It was not easy, I tell you. He didn’t succeed the first time; had bought the wrong kind of fabric apparently. Thank God he didn’t give up or I wouldn’t be here telling you my birth story! In the end, he took a denim fabric given by a girlfriend of his wife (thanks, Zoe!) and kept his fingers crossed that his wife wouldn’t know. (She didn’t cos remember I told you how she was busy with all the festivities?)

I must say my birthing process was pretty labour intensive. See these buttons on me? That took almost half a day to sew! But the man persevered. He even had to go on Youtube to watch some teaching videos when he ran into difficulties. Despite all these, I could feel the man’s excitement as he sewed me up bit by bit. I could see him smiling away every now and then; perhaps he was imagining the look on his wife’s face when he gave me to her.

Finally, after days of working behind the wife’s back (he had 2 days off work, you see), I was completed last Saturday. The man was so excited about surprising the wife he couldn’t wait till Christmas. So when she returned home from an engagement party, a conversation like that took place:

Man: So, don’t you want to know what I got you for Christmas?

Wife: But it’s not Christmas yet…

Man: Oh, I’m just afraid you may stumble into it when you are in the house….

Wife: Oh, you mean it’s already in the house somewhere?

Man: Why don’t you go find it?

I was eventually found on the bedside table of their guest bedroom. My most vivid memory was a shriek from the wife followed by her uncontrollable laughter. She couldn’t believe that her husband had made me just for her. ‘Best Christmas present ever!’ was what she said to him. I felt really loved then. That night, I slept in the couple’s room and had my first sweet dream. I guess this is what they mean by ‘feels like home’.

P/S: I later discovered that the wife also loves taking photograph, lots of them in fact. Yesterday morning, she took me out to the dining table and started taking pictures of me from all angles. I felt like a stuffed toy model!


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  1. So sweet!

  2. Good job Bro CS hahaha. I can totally understand. I’ve learnt how to sew (simple backstich only la) as well HAHAHAHA (also from online video). Anything for them 🙂

  3. Hi Sis Ervina and my champion Bro In Law CS
    hereby wish the both of u a Merry Xmas
    and may the spirit of Xmas be wif u Both…

    Chin Seng Bro,
    i know i can always trust u to take good care of my sis and i glad that my sis found u as another half of her..great job for the ‘noody’

    God Blessed the both of U..

    Cheers Mate

  4. What a lovely story! And the man who made it – you deserve a huge pat on the back for your love for your wife. Hard to come by these days! I can imagine how proud she is of you. And how loved she must feel!

  5. hi daniel – your message makes CS’ day man! yes, i know i am blessed. i hope one day you will find someone to share your life too.. you are in our prayers, my dear bro…

  6. hi lionel – good job, well done for getting started on making things for jean. trust me, nothing beats giving something that is handmade!

    hi lotus – blessed christmas, our dear friend. yes, hunk still surprises me every now and then. moral of the story: never underestimate what a man can do for the woman he loves! hahaha!

  7. ya man! well done bro cs! i can just imagine the look and smile on sis e’s face. heh. =)

    hope you enjoyed your christmas! and yes, thanks for the starbucks card! =)

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